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        名称:Pythonista 3
        Apple Watch:否

        软件教程 checkmark使用教程 完胜苹果reminders

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        Pythonista 3 iphone/ipad版

        大小:528.1M  / 语言:简体 / 时间:2020/3/13
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        Pythonista是iOS上最好的Python环境没有之一,Pythonista 3 相对老版本,新增了Python 3的支持,并且支持iPad的分屏操作,外接键盘快捷键支持更加完善。


        v3.3Pythonista 3.3 App Store Release Notes ? Support for dark mode on iOS 13 – you can now select separate themes for light/dark mode, and Pythonista will switch automatically between them. Switching between themes is also a bit faster now. ? New custom keyboard ("PyKeys") for running scripts in any app with text input. Have a look at the sample scripts in the Examples/Keyboard folder for some ideas of what you can do with this. ? Significantly improved support for external keyboards (more contextual shortcuts, arrow-key navigation almost everywhere…) ? The outline (list of functions) in the editor can now be filtered -- just start typing if the keyboard is already active, or drag down the list to reveal the filter text field. The filter supports fuzzy matching, and you can enter line numbers as well. ? Unified UI (and documentation) for creating script shortcuts in various places of iOS ("Shortcuts" option in the "wrench" menu). ? New URL generator for easier inter-app automation (you can also use this with the Shortcuts app, but full Shortcuts support will come later). ? Support for opening external folders using the system's file picker on iOS 13 (this was possible on iOS 12, but not easily discoverable). ? Revamped `notifications` module with custom action buttons, support for attachments, location triggers, and more – see the new "Notification Quiz.py" sample code for a demo. The module also works in the share sheet extension now. ? New "on device" option for speech recognition in the `speech` module (please note that this can be very slow though!) ? New `location.render_map_snapshot()` function to generate an image from a location (see new "Satellite Image.py" sample code). ? Console history is now persistent (you can clear it by tapping and holding the `^` button). ? Various bugfixes for iOS 13 and new screen sizes, new sample code, documentation, and more – you can find the full release notes in the in-app documentation (which also supports multiple tabs now btw). Thanks for reading, and thanks for your patience with this release. It's not everything I'd like it to be (hello, Shortcuts app!), but there are still many new things to discover, and I hope you have a lot of fun with it!
        • Pythonista 3 iphone/ipad版 Pythonista 3 iphone/ipad版 Pythonista 3 iphone/ipad版 Pythonista 3 iphone/ipad版 Pythonista 3 iphone/ipad版


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          Pythonista 3 iOS版 官方地址

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